Before You Buy

Tzitziot Mitzwah;

There is an aspect to our part in this mitzwah that we would like to inform you of; 

In Bamidbar/Num. 15:38, (Schocken);

"Speak to the Children of Israel and say to them that they are to 'make' themselves tassels on the corners of their garments, throughout their generations, and are to put on the corner tassel a thread of blue-violet."

In Debarim/Deut. 22:12, (Schocken);

"Twisted-cords you are to 'make' yourself on the four corners of your tunic-covering with which you cover yourself."

The word 'make' is from the Hebrew root 'עשה' and means;  to work, fabricate, create and produce.  It also can mean;  to get, or acquire, and to execute, accomplish or perform a command,(or) order. (Benjamin Davidson's 'The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon')

There is an understanding in Judaism that the tzitziot must be tied by one's self, or by a Jewish member of the community.  The plain meaning of 'עשה' above may give more room for those who may have a difficult time with trying to tie these for themselves or in finding a Jewish person who can do it for them.


Our family is not Jewish, that we know of.  We have been religious for more than 30 years and 'Tanach only' for 16 years.  We live in a part of Canada that has no observant Jewish people for an 8 hour drive in any direction.  We discovered the Karaite Jewish Community about 4 years ago and have been participating with them, online, since then.  Azriel has attended their synagogue in Daly City, California, and we are donating our woad strings to be tied into tzitziot for them.  We hope to one day to be able to convert to Judaism, through the Karaite Jewish movement, and in the meantime please consider us as Gerim or Nil'wim, with them. 

We understand if you feel that you want your tzitziot to be tied by a Jewish member of the community.  Matthew Rolland has, for a number of years, been tying tzitziot for his fellow Jewish members in return for a donation to the Karaite Jews of America, in Daly City.  Please contact him directly through Face Book, or through us here, to request him to tie for you.  Please consider both Matthew's and our time when donating to the synagogue, as you are joining with us in supporting Karaite Judaism.  

Finally, anyone under our supervision will be requested to observe the torah of tamei for our bodies and not work with the strings until they are again tahor.