Contact us for inquires and custom orders

We are pleased you are contacting us!

Please leave us a message, or place an order here.  We will get back to you as soon as we can. Please do not message us during Shabbat or other Holy days, in your time zone.  

We have a Facebook page that can be used for discussions on everything to do with Woad Blue Tekhelet.  We will use this to make announcements and updates as well.  Click on the 'Like' button to receive updates.   It is 'The Ancients' Blue',

For Ordering;

If ordering from our 'Buy Woad Items' page, please indicate the letter in front of the category items and their description, such -  'A.  Cut Strings'.  Follow with your choice of size and string. 
For example:  
"I would like to order from 'A' cut strings, 1 large and 1 medium cotton set.  I would also like to  order  'D'  Cotton Traditional Karaite Tzitziot, 1 large set." 

All prices are in US funds.  We will confirm your order before we begin to make it.

If placing a custom order that you are designing, please describe or give lengths and patterns or even a link or picture of your own and we will correspond with you to work out the details.

We are just starting out and we are looking for people to help us either as volunteers or to take on piece work of tying tzitziot.  Please go to our 'We Need Help' page for more details.

We appreciate your patience during this growing period as we are not able to predict how the interest or demand for woad will present itself!  

Thank you for all your support!

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