We Need Help!


We are looking for ways to help all those who desire to use Woad Blue for their tzitziot.  It appears that we, here at The Ancients' Blue, will have a lot of work to do, just to provide the dyed strings, dealing with the website and testing new products.  This is why we realize we need help to accomplish the tying.   Here are a few ideas that we have;

 1.  If you are apart of a religious community, consider learning or finding someone there who would like to learn to tie tzitziot and provide for your community.  This person could volunteer their services and we would consider selling Woad strings at a group price.  We do not have a price for this as yet.  Another option is to set up a small business in that community, whereby someone, who could use some extra income, is paid for their tying.

2.  We, here at The Ancients' Blue, will need help to fulfill orders for tying tzitziot.  If you would like to volunteer, as Matthew Rolland and a few others do for the Karaite Community, please contact us.  If you would like to set up a small business for yourself, tying for us, also contact us. 

3.  We are open to suggestions and offers of help in any other area that you see that we are lacking in.  We are swamped!  

4.  There is a lot more information we plan to add to this site and if you have anything helpful you think we could use, then by all means please contact us.  We want this to be a very comprehensive site on everything to do with this subject.

Thank you every one, for all your encouragement and help.  Together we can make a change and bring back the Ancients' Blue!