What We Do

     Shalom!  I am Azriel and I am fascinated with Woad Blue!

Woad is the apparent source for the tekhelet/techelet spoken of in the Torah, for Elohim's Temple and our tzitziot/sisiyot. I planted our first crop of Woad Blue in 2013 and I have been sifting through techniques for growing and dyeing with it since then. This is the beginning of our journey to help restore the Ancients' use of Woad Blue Tekhelet for Elohim's people.

Our goal is for this website to be a resource for everything to do with Woad Blue Tekhelet, tying tzitziot, as well as an outlet to supply affordably priced tekhelet dyed cords, fabric and tied tzitziot.


I have fallen in love with this colour and it's history, but most of all with its' purpose to connect us to each other, to the Torah and to our Elohim.

Growing Woad
Cutting up Woad in preparation to extract the pigment
Scouring fabric in preparation for dyeing
Dyeing with Woad
Woad dyed cotton and linen strings and fabric, and tied tzitziot for sale
Instructions for tying Karaite styled tzitziot

We have a Facebook page that can be used for discussions on everything to do with Woad Blue Tekhelet.  We will use this to make announcements and updates as well.  Click on the 'Like' button to receive updates.  It is 'The Ancients' Blue';   https://www.facebook.com/ancientsblue/

I have more ideas to add to this site, yet I have decided to publish this now so we can learn where I will need to make changes in the production of the Woad items.  I hope you will have patience with us here, as we all continue to learn and explore the real aspects of bringing the Ancient's Woad Blue back into common use.  May YHWH Elohim bless us all with our efforts to make this happen.