The Ancients' Blue

The Ancients' Blue


The Gift Of Blue

Eyes watched the cloud as it lifted up from the Tabernacle. It was the signal from the Elohim of Israel that His people were journeying today. The silver trumpets of the kohanim sounded, and the packing started, (1, 2).

The Tabernacle, in the center of the camp, began to be dismantled. The kohanim worked alone to package the Holiest Articles so that it's transporters, the sons of Kehat, the sons of Levi, would not touch, or even see the articles and die, (3).

They took the curtain of blue, scarlet and purple linen, with cherubim, which separated the Aron, or Ark, from the rest of the of the Holiest Articles, (4, 5), and placed it over the Aron. A tanned leather cover was next and a beautiful cloth of sky blue linen finished it's covering. The Table of the Presence and it's articles, the Menorah and it's articles, the Gold Altar, the Articles for serving in the Holy Place and the Altar and it's articles were then each carefully wrapped with beautifully coloured linen cloths. Aaron and his sons then topped the rest of these with tanned leather coverings, (5).

Their journey had an order and they waited for the tribe of Yehudah, who would be at the head, followed by Yissakhar and Zevulun, (6). The disassembled Tabernacle would be carried next, so it could be set up as soon as the new resting place was given and before the Holiest Articles would arrive, (7). Reuven, Simeon and Gad would then march. The Holiest Articles would next begin their trip, all covered in tanned leather skins. Afterwards would come Ephraim, Menasheh and Benyahmin and then the rear guard of Dan, Asher, and Naphtali.

When all was ready they would suddenly hear Moshe shout, “Arise O יהוה, that your enemies may scatter!, ... that those who hate you may flee from before you!”, (8). The Aron, the only holy article displayed with colour, a brilliant sky blue colour, was brought forth to lead all of Israel to their new resting place. The vibrant blue, as it was carried through their camp, was the only form of the Aron they were permitted to see. It was unforgettable. This was the place of their covenant, their Torah, and the place of the cherubim, from upon where יהוה would speak to Moshe, (9). As the Aron passed at a distance, the sisioth upon each of them matched to the blue of the covered Aron.  A blue for remembering, connecting the people of יהוה, to Him, forever.

by Azriel Kowtek

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