The Ancients' Blue

The Ancients' Blue


Contact us for inquires and to order

Please leave a message, or place an order here.  I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please do not message us during Shabbath or other Holy days, in your time zone.  

I have a Facebook page, 'The Ancients' Blue', that can be used for discussions on everything to do with Woad Blue Tekheleth.  I will use this to make announcements and updates as well. Click on the 'Like' button to receive updates.

If ordering from our 'Buy Woad Items' page, please indicate the letter in front of the item's name and it's name.  Follow with your choice of size. 

I can also do custom orders.  Contact me with as much information as you have and I will respond to work out any details. 

All prices are in US funds.  I will confirm your order before I begin to make it.  Let me know if you are in Canada and I will make the invoice in Canadian funds.

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